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Tasos Grypeos  Guitar  player

Tasos Grypaios started playing the guitar at the age of twelve. He joined "Abyss" (a Greek teen rock band) at the age of sixteen and played with them several music concerts. The next band which he joined was "Melodoi Siopis" (in free translation: the ones who make music out of silence). At the age of 21 he joined a band called  "Kerina omoiomata" which means: wax figures.After a year in 1998 he joined the legendary Greek metal band "Spitfire". It was two years later when a band named "Airesis" (heresy) was formed.

Tasos and his two brothers John (bass) and Harry (drums) for about two and a half years. After that he and his brother John  joined the band " Sound of Silence" a Greek power progressive metal band  and played with them untill 2008.  At the same time he joined the Stephanos Logothetis band called "Phosphoros" of which he is still a member. In the year 2006 he hoined Stelios Rokkos's band and played with them numerous gigs in Thessaloniki (Pyli Axiou), Athens (Sfedona, Music Room) and many more all over Greece. In 2009 he also joined the band of municipality of Athens called "Destyl" During the last 17 years he has played in several music stages in Athens, Greece  like Stavros tou Notou, Architecture, Architektoniki, Jasmine, Syrmos, Lazy, Kyttaro,  and many others. For the last 14 years he has also worked as a session musician. In June 2019 he joined the thrash metal band "In Burial"and 5 months later he also joined the metal band and in 2020 joined the metal band "Blossom Death".


“Mistaken” is the lead single on this 3 song EP. Kostas and Marita do the singing in this group and they sing well together; this is a good thing as they are married so this makes the BLOSSOM DEATH  band a real family affair. “All That I Want” leans into their Evanescence stylings while serving up some Goth undertones. “All That I Want” also features slide guitar while Kostas and Marita co-lead again on the vocals. “Pad Out” brings a driving beat, some hot guitar playing and Marita’s lovely vocalizing. At under 13 minutes this release ‘MISTAKEN’ just flys right by.


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